• Corporate background
    Auspring started in 2002 under the guidance of Australian Chinese Mr. Henry Yang, a famous piano instructor in western Australia who runs a piano training school and Auspring International in Australia.
    The Register of Auspring Brand
    Registered in China in 2008, Auspring provides products like kids garments, underwear, swimming wear, sportswear, shoes, hats, socks, balls, rackets and other sport equipments.
    Auspring concept
    The concept of Auspring Brand ------- Take Auspring, take the spring. Auspring means the spring of Australia as it Combines Australia and Spring, reminding of colorful Australian flowers in the spring. Auspring, true to the spirit of youth, chic and healthy life styles, conveys the bright future prospect.
    Brand spirit
    The spirit of Auspring Brand ------- Let's make things better. Since its inception, Auspring, with its professional, quality products, has served to inspire the unique brand culture in each of us, along the way it has cultivated strong and loyal following in Australia and China.
    Auspring Production
    In 2003, Auspring International setted up its production base in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China.It devotes to the research and production of kids garments, underwear,swimming wear, sportswear, women clothing,to name just a few. Recently we have two factories separately specialized in kids garments and swimming wear.
    Our productions are: Kids wear: baby romper, baby socks, kids suits, sweater, girl's dress, jacket. Swimwear: kids swimwear, men's shorts, bikini, surfing wear. Beach Shorts: Children's Beach Shorts, Men's Beach Shorts and Women's Beach Shorts Underwear: children's, men's and women's underwear, vest. Men and women garments: T-shirt, polo shirt, jacket, ski suit, beach shorts, lady dresses,legging. Sportswear and sport equipment: sports suits,sports hats, wrister,badminton racket, tennis racket.
    Import & export
    Cooperating with the Quanzhou Foreign Techno-economic Service Corporation, the state-owned foreign trade company directly under Quanzhou Municipal government's State-owned Assets Bureau, Auspring International has independent import and export rights in 2006. In terms of export, Auspring devote to garments. The garments have been universally recognized as one of the favorite brands in Europe,South America, Mid East,Australia, America,to name just a few. In terms of import,we imports wine from Spain and Italy, to a majority of cities in China.we have a booth at Canton
    Fairs for every spring and autumn to display the latest models of kids garments, underwear,swim wear, sportswearand women's clothing. Auspring Business and QC Team
    We set up our office in the Building of Quanzhou Foreign Techno-Economic ServiceCorporation and establishs our Business, Quality Control and Documents Team.Weboasta professional quality control team, in charge of production process, quality controland timelydelivery.
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